Ways to Promote Youthfulness Could Very Well Be in Vegetables You Eat

People who have been eating green, leafy vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, edamame, and broccoli, as well as fruits like avocado, have recently been provided with a good reason to continue their intake of these proven healthy foods. This is because a recent study has just revealed that these vegetables also help in reducing the usual signs of ageing.

The main proponent of this undoubtedly desirable effect has been found to be a compound called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). These vegetables are a natural source of this anti-ageing enzyme, which is also one of the basic determinants of energy levels in humans.eating-greens The more one loses NMN, the more one undergoes the usual symptoms of ageing.

The study was conducted in the University of Washington, targeting mice that were significantly aged already. Much of how this compound functions hinge on its ability to slow down their physiological decline. This has led them to have better metabolism and, more significantly, energy levels. Further benefits noted were reduction in instances that lead to common symptoms of ageing like skeletal muscle degeneration, poor eyesight, and decline in liver performance.

Take note that the compound was directly supplemented to the mice. If one is to expect to get the mentioned benefits just through eating natural fruits and vegetables, experts say that supplementation is definitely the better choice. Evidently, in order to fully confirm this, studies on humans would have to be undergone.

As of this writing, though, researchers from Tokyo’s Keio University are already considering such a move, and they intend to use supplements of nicotinamide mononucleotide that come in the form of pills. They also seek to pinpoint the various risks that the supplementation of this compound poses to humans. In the end, whether it’s safe or not is simply the most important question that needs to be answered at this early stage of such a monumental discovery.

Indeed, such research certainly highlights how close humans are to achieving a metaphorical elixir of life. It also serves to emphasize just how important vegetables are to our diet as a whole.

While NMN supplements for humans are still virtually non-existent, it certainly would not hurt to start introducing more of green vegetables to your daily diet if you mean to stay young and energetic even with the passage of time. As a final note, these findings are a great step toward finding out viable methods that would greatly slow down the process of ageing as well as the undesirable effects and diseases that come with it.