Ways to Deal with Medicine Side Effects

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) estimates that more than 100,000 Americans die every year as a result of side effects from prescription drugs. This report also explains that the deaths are not due to wrong prescriptions or the individuals not taking medication according to the doctor’s advice. And so, this data puts drug side effects fourth on the list of leading causes of death in the USA.

Prescription medicine is necessary to ease various kinds of pain, heal some conditions and control other long-term ones. But, in some instances, the side effects can outweigh the benefits that you get and so it is vital to know how to deal with them.

Be Aware of the Possible Side Effects

Before you take any medication, even if it is just regular over the counter painkillers, it is important to know and understand the side effects that might come with the medication. Knowing what to expect is the most important thing that you need to deal with the impacts of any medication. According to various studies by doctors at the American Pharmacists Association, any drug from birth control pills to chemotherapy drugs can come with side effects. Although the doctors emphasize the importance of knowing what to expect, they also advise that any chronic effects are never okay even if they are just mild.

Talk to Your Doctor

Most people do not take the time to talk to their physician about the medication that they prescribe. But, this is not a good move because it is vital to speak to the doctor and pharmacist about all possible side effects of your prescription drug. The doctor should help you know which effects are serious and which ones should not worry you. Also, talk to your doctor about any unforeseen symptoms that may come up once you start taking the medication because he can change the dosage or even prescribe a different drug.

Make a List of all Your Medications

Sometimes the side effects can be as a result of interactions between two or more drugs that you might be taking for different conditions. And so, if you have any unexpected side effect you should make a list of all the medicines that you are taking and show it to your doctor. It is always important to give a full disclosure of everything and anything that you are taking as this might be the only way to deal with the harsh interaction and effects.

Lifestyle Changes

There are some side effects that you can deal with just by avoiding alcohol or certain kinds of foods, and this is according to the credible medical website WebMD. A good example of this is taking anti-depressants that have weight gain as one of the most common side effects. Developing an exercise plan and paying attention to your nutrition can be very useful in cases like this.