Testosterone – the Most Amazing Facts Concerning Hormone

These hormones are able to surprise scientists around the globe. Conducting new researches, scientists are constantly finding out some new facts concerning this hormone. Lots of people think that Testosterone means aggressive or too active sexual activity. Recently, there have been found new concepts, which may surprise you. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Testosterone increases profit

TestosteroneBritish scientists have determined that profits of men depend on the level of this hormone in their blood. The research had been conducted while sales. Testing the participants it has been found out that those who had higher percentage of Testosterone earned than those with lower level.

  1. It can cure excess weight

Lots of researches have indicated that our hormone can help with the troubles of overweight. There are even testosterone therapies. But they are not tested enough.

  1. Relations increase or decrease Testosterone

Italian researchers have found out that level of the hormone increases in those who only begin their relations and it decreases within long-term relations. In men everything is conversely.

  1. It enhances while sporting events

It is recognized that before any sporting event, be it football or even chess, the level of the hormone sufficiently enhances. Depending on how the event ends, win or loss, this level varies. In case you are a winner, testosterone level would be bigger.

  1. Effect of receiving it on women and men

This hormone has different impact upon men and women. When a man uses it, it induces increase in his chest. For women the results are very undesirable. The hormone increases hair growth on the face and in other parts of the body. At the same time, women can lose hair on the head and it may make their voice deeper as it is in men. Consequently, we can draw a conclusion that this hormone is for men, not for women.

There have been determined some similarities too. Testosterone provokes aggression for both. Besides, there are observed often leaps in mood and there appear acne.

These adverse effects do not usually happen, if there is no overdosing with it. So, the concentration of this hormone must be strongly controlled by a specialist.

Testosterone is a hormone, which requires extensive researches, which would be able to find out some new peculiarities concerning it, as for instance, the weighted control stabilization.

Be healthy!