Strict ‘No Sugar’ Diets May Not be so Healthy

There’s a fact no one can really deny when it comes to nutrition — sugar is generally bad. Most people may prefer sweet to savory or sour, but aside from being highly addictive, any kind of sugar or sweetener tends to have drawbacks, whether it is natural or artificial.

It is this fact that is prompting people to go on all kinds of ‘No Sugar’ diets, and most of them are actually getting satisfactory results, which is what’s making these diets popular on social media.

Some people may, however, be taking this concept a little too literally and too far, possibly incurring health risks and leading others down this less-than-recommendable road. Many people, some of which are celebrities, are cutting all sugars from their diets, including What is important to consider here, and the whole reason why this dietary choice is based on a potentially dangerous misconception, is the fact that the sugars that can be found in fruits, dairy and even some vegetables are completely different from those that are used to bake a cake or sweeten a soda.

These kinds of foods are — some more than others — enriched with natural sugars, which not only make the food taste sweet and appetizing, but are also needed by our bodies. These natural sugars are in fact converted into energy which is used to power our bodies and brains, and cutting them off completely can result in a severe energy drop, which is not at all healthy and will make you feel under the weather, and possibly make it difficult to go through the motions of your day, let alone exercise.

On top of that, you need to realize that, unlike candy, fruit is enriched with nutrients other than sugar, such as fiber and protein, which will also be at a deficit when you cut such food groups from your diet. These nutrients help control sugar rushes and crashes, but they also help regulate digestion among other things, and so cutting them from your diet can affect your health negatively over time.

Now, too much of anything has the potential to make you sick, so you should also regulate your intake of natural sugars, as having too much can cause blood sugar to rise, which in turn puts you at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and to gain belly fat, as a consequence of the increase in the production of insulin. The happy medium in this case would be to have two or three servings of fruit per day, which should help satiate your needs and curb your sugar cravings.