Simple but Effective Remedies for Facial Pimples, Acne, and Blemishes

Many acne sufferers pile dozens of chemical creams and oral treatments in their cabinets to ward off the prospect of living with blemishes caused by stubborn acne problems. However, there are very few effective acne cures that contemporary pharmaceutical industry can offer. Instead of trying virtually every new treatment for pimples and acne, it’s prudent to know a few tested and proven therapies that help you deal with acne. As such, this article highlights some reliable cures for face blemish.

Clearskin Products

The Clearskin set of acne treatments products are an effective way to keep pimples and acne at bay. There are many Clearskin acne treatments presently available in the market. For instance, they have acne blemish clearing gels, blackhead removal brands, and acne pore penetrating products that promise to leave your face completely pimple-free. There are also a couple of widely regarded acne moisturizers, pimple cleansers and toners, and acne scrubs and pimple masks.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gels are rich in vital skin-enhancing vitamins that successfully prevent and eliminate persistent pimples and stubborn acne. Given the fact that this gel is pretty gentler than other acne treatments and blackhead removal ointments out there, it won’t irritate your skin even if you’re the ultra-sensitive type. This acne treatment is also an awesome organic acne moisturizer that will leave your face sparkling soft and smooth.

Coconut Oil Acne Moisturizers

Coconut oil acne moisturizers are universally known to combat face acne blemishes due to their natural healing properties. With your fingers, scoop some natural virgin coconut oil and then rub it over the acne-scarred areas so that it melts and thoroughly soaks in. Don’t wipe away the remaining coconut oil as it boosts continual acne healing and long-term skin revitalization.

Lemon Juice

Beyond its sharp, unbearably sour taste, lemon juice is a great cure for pimples and stubborn acne. Containing organic alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), this time-old treatment for face acne and pimples has won international recognition from alternative medicine enthusiasts as well as certified experts within the mainstream medical fraternity. It’s particularly noted for its ability to fade acne and pimple scars and quick skin rejuvenation. Users may use undiluted lemon juice or add a little water (for sensitive skins) and then dab it over the acne spots. After this, thoroughly dry the areas with a cotton ball and finally apply a natural moisturizer.