New Research Shows That Gastric Sleeve Procedures Normalize Testosterone Levels In Obese Men

The impact of weight loss surgeries on reproductive health is certainly no secret. Countless women who have undergone gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures have experienced remarkable increases in fertility rates – so much so that many of the surgeons who perform these operations issue stern warnings against getting pregnant soon after treatment. What is surprising, however, is the new research showing impressive improvements in male reproductive health and hormonal balance soon after gastric sleeve procedures. A 2015 study performed by the American College of Surgeons has revealed that obese men with low-testosterone see significant increases in this uniquely male hormone shortly after their weight loss treatments have been performed. Testosterone is commonly associated with virility, confidence, the ability to build muscle mass and high energy among other things.

Low Testosterone Is An Independent Cardiac Risk Factor

gastricsleeveLow testosterone levels are most commonly associated with waning sexual virility. Medically, however, lower levels of testosterone are also seen as an independent risk factor for cardiac disease. Until testosterone levels are normalized, guys will have a significantly higher likelihood of heart attack and heart disease as well as other heart health issue. Men who are obese usually have lower than average testosterone and commonly exhibit the signs of it, including lowered energy, mood imbalance and sarcopenia or muscle wasting. While normal testosterone levels promote increased muscle development, any lack will invariably lead to muscle loss. Once testosterone becomes problematic, many men have a significantly harder time losing weight on their own due to the resulting physiological developments. The most significant conclusion drawn from this new information is that waning testosterone may be best treated with weight loss, as opposed to hormone replacement.

What This Means For Men Post-Surgery

With higher energy, improved confidence and greater muscle-building abilities, men are essentially primed for success in their new lifestyles by the surge of testosterone that rapid weight loss creates. This gives them a greater ability to maintain the stringent diet and exercise plans that are devised by their medical teams. Guys can build more muscle faster, which will in turn create increased definition and tone, robust metabolisms and marked improvement in overall fat-burning abilities. Higher testosterone can also have a significant impact on patient ability to reproduce. Although conception is not likely to have the same impact on the male physique as it will on women, many men are still advised by their surgeons to avoid conceiving children during the first several months after recovery. This gives them ample opportunity to focus on immediate and essential life-changes for maintaining optimal health after their gastric sleeves have been installed.