New Polymer “Skin” Invention Offers Huge Potential to Dermatology

One of the fundamental signs of beauty in modern society is the condition of the skin. This is true especially for women, since face wrinkles are some of the signs of aging. Scientists in collaboration with dermatology experts keep inventing new techniques of face lifting and other similar methods in an effort to stop or at least delay the skin aging rhythm. Most of them have been successful up to a certain degree. However, there is a new invention that is not only very easy to use but also has impressive results.

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology manufactured a new layer type called XPL, a term that translates to “cross linked polymer layer”. It has a great number of advantages some of which offer major benefits to our skin such as protection from sunburns and also treatment some skin conditions like eczema.getting_rid_of_wrinkles

Its impressive trait is that it does not require surgery or even a medical expert to help a person “put it on”. It comes in the form of a liquid gel that can be spread on the face or any other part of the human body. After a while it acquires a level of solidity, turning it into a membrane that can be peeled off if necessary quite easily.

The aforementioned gel contains two separate substance layers. The first one consists of the polymers that are the key material of the entire product, while the second layer is an ingredient that causes the polymers to bind together.

It has already been tested in the area of people’s faces and the results were considerable. But, according to the scientists, the potential does not stop there. In the foreseeable future, it may even be possible to make sunscreen obsolete, because the polymer layer can be engineered to block ultra violet sun beams. The layer could also be used to deliver skin medication more effectively since it can remain in contact with the skin for a really long time, and if coated with a required medicine, it can deliver it for an extended period.

This is yet another innovation that proves how much medical progress helps us improve the quality of our lives. In this case, we have a new invention that offers advantages in a few different fields of medicine and it is likely to provide us even more in the near future.