Natural Sources of Sildenafil Citrate

According to the statistics, thinks every third man is concerned with the problem of strengthening his potency. Of course, modern medicine offers fairly effective preparations to overcome the troubles with erectile dysfunctions and among them stands the acknowledged leader Sildenafil citrate, also known under the name Viagra.

However, due to various reasons not everyone is willing or can take it. And yet, every man desires to able to bring pleasure to his partner in bed and fill her life with bright emotions thorough sexual experiences. That’s why many men are interested in foods containing Sildenafil in the natural form.

There are many products that can enhance the potency, intensify sexual-erotic attraction, rejuvenates the body, maintain sexual functions at a decent level.

Most nutritionists mainly attribute the possibility to enhance the potency to plant foods. Many of them have wonderful opportunities to better potency and also help other organs and systems to enhance health. Among them there are some, which contain Sildenafil too. Here should be named:

Horny Goat Weed

  • Nut plants: hazel, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts. It is known that nut plants can enhance greatly men potency.
  • A specific plant Yohimbe, which is obtained from an African tree. It has positive and natural effect upon men strength.
  • When talking about we should mention Chinese horny goat weed. It proven that this herb betters the level of potency in men.
  • Fruits and vegetables cannot be omitted in this case, as in many others. There great potential, which is capable to better not only erection, but many other reactions and overall health are well-known to everybody. Here we can circle out oranges, lemons, figs, from the side of fruits, and onions, from the side of vegetables.
  • Another specific plant is Ginkgo Biloba. Its effectiveness is associated with the action antidepressants and can greatly help those ones who have troubles with erection due to physiological reasons.
  • Red ginseng is another good help against erection disorder.
  • Such spicy greens as savory, thyme, mint, anise, caraway, tarragon also improve erection.
  • Of course, we cannot miss dairy foods, such as yogurt and cheese.
  • Protein foods should also be named. Meat of cattle and sheep, fowl and fish, especially flounder and mackerel are good for potency. Some seafood containing the discussed citrate (shellfish, mussels, shrimp) also enhances men power.

Hopefully, you will learn a lot of useful information concerning natural analogues of Sildenafil citrate.