Most Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

erectile-dysfunctionWhen sexual performance is getting worser, this is the point when a man starts blaming himself: this is because of stress, I smoked too much, am I too old? Isn’t that a common situation with you? It’s true that a number of psychological or physical problems can cause disability in men, but there is also a huge number of rumored sex myths that should be broken once and for all. These are the misconceptions below that men tend to believe but that aren’t exactly true.

Addiction to pornography causes ED. Some men feel worry about their habit to use porn for stimulation. In time they may find that they don’t have solid erection without it. According to Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, a certified sex expert, this is a matter of practice, meaning that a man trains his body to perform in a certain way. A kind of psychological dependence that can lead to sex problems but not to ED.

Masturbation leads to impotence. Masturbation comes close to pornography stimulation. A man who practices self-pleasure and then can’t perform well starts thinking he is enable. In fact, masturbation is sometimes used as a type of sexual dysfunction such as arousal disorder or hyperactive sexual desire. Other experts believe it’s a sign of a healthy libido but not ED.

Wearing too tight underwear may cause ED. Men who like wearing snug pants are under the risk of ED. This is a big fat lie. It has been proved that wearing constricting underwear leads to fertility problem in men. That is, it increases the temperature of the testicles responsible for sperm production. Most likely this fact caused the misconception about sexual ability. Wearing too tight pants may affect fertility but this shouldn’t be associated with man’s sexual function.

ED is a natural process for aged men. This is true that erectile dysfunction more common appears among older men, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. This is not a thing you have to live with when you are old. Surely, men of senior age need more stimulation to help them be aroused since they are not as active as in their young age. But this shouldn’t be confused with a lack of sexual function. ED in old men is not a verdict, your lifestyle has a greater impact on your sex life rather than your age.

Impotence is a personal problem, that is a shame issue. Erectile dysfunction is a health disorder that many men worldwide experience in their life. It does concern intimate sphere but a man still needs a qualified help. There are sex experts that can help any man cope with this problem using an array of methods: from medical to psychological. It is always recommended to see a doctor because ED can be a symptom of possible serious medical conditions like hypertension, hear diseases, diabetes, etc.

Problem with erection is the first signal there is impotence problem. Regardless of how hard a man can try but sometimes he fails to have sex. Stress at work, worry, anxiety, headache, personal problems or other causes may affect man’s ability. So this is not necessarily ED, just a day when a man is not in a mood. No need to panic. Impotence is a persistent sexual dysfunction when a man is disable to develop erection, if it happens once this is not ED.

Once started a man gets addicted to ED pills for the rest of his life. First off, apart from pills there are also other methods of treating impotence like injection to penis or urethra. Also erectile dysfunction can be a temporary problem caused by some health conditions and ED pills can help a man come through this period while reconditioning. A man can go off the pills any time he feels better.