Men and women have different thresholds of pain

It is a commonly known fact that men and women have very different thresholds of pain. New research conducted by scientists has shown that women’s and men’s sensations of pain have a significant difference in different circumstances, among which there are quality of sleep and relaxation.

Thus, lack of good sleeping during the night increases pain sensation of women significantly, considerably reducing their threshold of pain. At the same time, the pain sensation of men does not appear to become stronger after sleepless nights. In particular, the participants of the aforementioned study were exposed to induced pain sensations after normal sleep and then the procedure was repeated after a sleepless night. The pain threshold of men remained virtually unchanged, while the women began to suffer pain much more acute compared to the similar situation, but after a good sleeping.

Men and women Pain

Another interesting result of the study is that female participants, who are more sensitive to noise and sounds, have more acute sense of pain. This is due to the fact that the central nervous system of such women is more sensitive in general; and it processes pain and noise as just two different types of irritants. The brain that is more sensitive feels more acutely.

And the last but not the least interesting fact discovered in course of the spoken study is that psychological support and relaxation exercises aiming for pain relief work much more effectively for women compared to men. Women, who went in for these activities, have shown significant rise of the threshold of pain, compared to the ones who were distressed, tired, or had a sleepless night prior to the pain threshold measuring procedure. This outcome shows that men’s threshold of pain in contrast to women’s one is typically more constant and is less influenced by surrounding conditions, state of health, sensitivity to noise, and other internal and external factors.