Food Combinations to Avoid

People today eat more than they should, and the fact that there are so many food options doesn’t help but rather makes the situation worse. Everyone knows what it means to eat right. Most people also understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. However, just because your daily meals primarily constitute healthy food items doesn’t mean your diet is inherently healthy. It isn’t enough to simply eat the right food items. Food combinations are just as important; certain food items should never be combined, at least not by anyone who wants to maintain the integrity of their digestive system. The most distinct food combinations that should be avoided include the following:

Eating fruits after a meal

Nutritionists have known for a while now that fruits do not combine with other foods in the most appropriate manner. Fruits contain simple sugars. As such, they require little to no digestion and do not stay long in the stomach.weird food combination

When fruits combine with food items like grain and meat, they stay much longer in the digestive tract than is necessary. As a result, they ferment, causing damage to the intestinal walls.

Two or more high proteins

High protein sources like bacon and eggs, while very delicious and highly popular, have a tendency to tax the digestive system. This is because they take too long to digest. This is why some people like to eat their meals in courses; this allows them to eat high protein sources several minutes apart from one another.

Starchy carbohydrates and tomatoes

Eating starchy carbohydrates like rice and sweet potatoes with tomatoes can cause indigestion and after-meal fatigue. The reason is that tomatoes are an acidic fruit.

Fruit and yogurt

This can appear as a big surprise, but to combine fruit with yogurt is to invite some stomach problems and discomfort. This is because yogurt plays host to a variety of bacteria. And these bacteria will eventually act upon the sugars in the fruit, creating toxins, blocking sinuses and encouraging the manifestation of colds. You could consider replacing fruits with honey or raisins though.

Food and water

While it is the norm to accompany one’s meal with a glass of water or juice, this combination is actually quite toxic because water tends to dilute the acids in the stomach. As a result, this reduces their effectiveness with regards to processing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You are better off postponing drinking until 20-30 minutes after you finish your meal.

From beans and cheese to bananas and milk, food combinations are an essential consideration for anyone looking to improve their diet. The right food combinations can make all the difference to one’s health and weight loss goals.