Do Squats Make Your Butt Bigger or Smaller?

Fitness experts consider squats to be an effective form of exercise for burning calories and stay fit because they involve the work of several muscle groups at once. More specifically, the quadriceps, glutes, calf muscles and hamstrings are working when you are doing squats. It improves strength, endurance and balance as well as tones muscles. Since the buttocks are mostly made up of gluteal muscles, squatting has the ability to improve their size and shape, although the final results will largely depend on the initial nature of your buttocks.

For people with extra body fat, squats will help reduce fat, making the butt look smaller. This is because, although squats prompt muscle growth, the exercise effectively reduces body fat. A bit more muscles but less fat translates into having lifted glutes that are more firm and appear shapelier. So technically, people with more fat will make their butts smaller by doing squats.

On the other hand, lean people can quickly build up the gluteus muscles – what they often do in order to gain a round, shapely butt. However, the results of doing squats will depend on the amount of resistance put in during the exercise. In general, a big number of repetitions promote more fat loss and less muscle growth; squats with heavy weights tend to have the opposite effect.

Squats work the entire lower body but will only deliver desired results if performed in the right way. According to Alfonso Moretti, a fitness trainer, most people perform squats the wrong way and do not go low enough or sit back into position, which may not engage all the necessary muscles. The trainer emphasizes the need to employ a full range of motion when squatting. In order to enjoy the comprehensive benefits of the exercise, Alfonso advises that one should also target for other muscles of the legs rather than solely focusing on engaging the glutes and hips.

The ideal squat begins with feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointing slightly outward. The back should remain straight and the head up as you start to sit. Meanwhile, your heels should remain flat and the thighs parallel to the floor or lower. Usually, the deeper the squat, the more muscle engagement you get. By doing squats in the right way, not only may you get the butt of your dreams but will also reduce the risk of injury.