Common Myths about Fitness and Exercise

Having a well shaped body is considered by many to be the most important asset of a person’s overall appearance. There are countless articles and videos numbering tips, tricks and methods to either lose weight fast or maintain our body at its best. Unfortunately, many of them are false. And even though doing an exercise the wrong way not necessarily will have any negative effects (although it may), it is time consuming and also lowers the moral of the person since the expected result is never achieved.Close up of funny overweight man workout in the gym

Knowing the correct information about any subject is equally important as knowing which facts are false and which are true. Following are just three myths (though there are much more of them) that are pretty common not only among beginners but also among people who have been working out for years.

Producing more sweat means you burn more calories

This statement is so widespread because people connect sweat to exercise alone, thus thinking that excessive sweat means the body gets really tired and burns way more calories in the process. This is not true. There are many factors that regulate the sweat quantity, the most important of which is temperature. So, there is no need to wear long sleeve shirts in the gym to cause more sweat, it doesn’t help at all. It will rather have the negative effect of losing too much water and dehydration during exercise.

Doing a lot of crunches guarantees the formation of beautiful abs

Crunches are definitely one of the most famous exercises among those who strive for a six-pack. We see them everywhere. Leaflets, television commercials and all other types of advertisement have at least one picture of a man or a woman doing crunches. But even though they are helpful, getting impressive abs requires something else – specifically, a proper low-fat diet (which may have certain disadvantages). Crunches are good exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles, but even strong abs will not be visible under a layer of belly fat. So you will really have to get rid of the fat on your belly almost completely to make the abs visible.

Frequent jogging creates knee issues

Well, it may be true, but only for seriously overweight people. Then, even simple walking strains the knee joints of a fatty. So jogging is not to blame here. A recent study conducted by the Stanford University proved that people who do not run have the same overall knee condition as others who prefer regular jogging.