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Allergic to chicken?

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There are many individuals all over the world who are allergic to raw or cooked chicken meat – in some cases also to chicken feathers. Some individuals who are allergic to chicken are also allergic to their eggs. Chicken allergy should not be considered assumed since it’s a real condition that can lead to a medical emergency referred to as anaphylaxis. Read More →

The Health Benefits of Masticating Juicers

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There are many health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables daily. For people who find it hard to eat either fruits or vegetables in a normal way, juicing becomes a beneficial alternative.

The consumption of fruit and vegetable juice also makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients than from chewed ones because of the lack of fiber in the juice. Although many health care organizations encourage the daily consumption of Read More →

Food Combinations to Avoid

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People today eat more than they should, and the fact that there are so many food options doesn’t help but rather makes the situation worse. Everyone knows what it means to eat right. Most people also understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. However, just because your daily meals primarily constitute healthy food items doesn’t mean your diet is inherently healthy. Read More →

Understanding the Nature of Stomach Flu

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Taking home-made remedies is a good strategy when dealing with symptoms that come with stomach flu, medics advise.

Stomach flu is a common viral disease that constantly makes many people seek treatment. Going by the latest reports, cases of this stomach infection and visits to the medical centre or hospital have been on the rise. Read More →