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Can You Overdose on Fiber?

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Fiber is supposed to be good for the human body. It makes individuals feel satisfied longer, regulates the digestive system, keeps cholesterol levels in the healthy zone and helps lose weight. However, it seems that it is actually possible to consume too much fiber, which obviously has adverse effects. Read More →

Gluten-Free Diet May Have a Serious Side Effect

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Years of nutritional research produced findings that have made gluten a pariah in the food world. This is why a lot of people have now gone on gluten-free diets to ensure that their health is in the best condition. However, according to recent research, it looks like a gluten-free diet is not so friendly to your health as previously thought. Read More →

3 Microelements Essential for Your Body

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Basically, micro-nutrient deficiency or dietary deficiency is lack of the adequate microelements needed for health. The reduced level of any of the minerals necessary for human health can impair major functions in the body dependent on that mineral. Below is some helpful information on three essential microelements and their causes in case they are deficit in your body. Read More →