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Violence Linked to Obesity in Adolescents

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A new study has recently emerged showing a correlation between the amount of violence adolescents see or participate in and their unhealthy eating habits. TV shows, movies, and video games that have a high level of violence have always been given a bad reputation, but now this new study may have proven that they can be unhealthy mentally, emotionally and physically all together. Read More →

A Study Establishes the Relationship between Stress and Diseases

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Almost everyone goes through stress in modern life. But did you know that stress is able to cause those common illnesses that most of us suffer from occasionally? If you really care about your health, you might have noticed that every time you get stressed up, soon after you start suffering from some diseases. Is it just a coincidence that they attack you or are they induced by stress? Read More →

Corneal Inlays – the New Solution for Presbyopia

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Affecting over two billion people worldwide, presbyopia is extremely common in people over 40. Ageing affects the flexibility and thickness of the natural lens of the eye, so as the lens hardens, when looking at close objects, the eye has difficulty focusing light on the retina. As the eye begins focusing light behind the retina, close-up vision becomes blurry. Read More →