Better Medication for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C affects about 170 million people around the world. Unfortunately, many among those who have this infection do not usually know it until it’s too late. The common treatment that has been available for decades is not very efficient. Statistically, only up to 75 % of those affected can cope with Hepatitis C. The remaining percentage develop life-threatening conditions with time.

If left untreated, Hepatitis C turns into chronic hepatitis which can cause irreversible damage to the liver and even lead to liver cancer. For this reason, there has been an urgent need to develop a treatment that will be able more effective than those commonly used currently. Nowadays, there is a lot of ongoing research that aim at finding a new medication for Hepatitis C.

Fortunately, new findings on the subject have given hope that one day in the nearest future there will be a medication which will be able to cure 100 % of the patients suffering from this infection. A drug which goes by the name Sofosbuvir was first found back in 2007, but it’s still been under research as medical scientists think the drug has a lot of potential. Currently, if Sofosbuvir is used in combination with other medications such as velpatasvir and voxilaprevir, cure rates can be as high as 97%.

During clinical trials, groups of people who had hepatitis were introduced to this drug. It was administered orally for twelve weeks. After that, researchers were able to conclude that the drug on its own was effective in approximately half the patients involved in the study.

Interferon was a medication that was previously often used in treating this infection. It usually takes about a year of getting Interferon injections before Hepatitis C is cured. In addition, Interferon is known for its severe side effects. As a result, some people would have to be taken off the medication program because they were experiencing adverse side effects. With Sofosbuvir, though, the side effects only include headaches, diarrhea, fatigue or nausea. These are much less severe as compared to the side effects of using Interferon.

Dr. Marc Bourliere at the Saint Joseph Hospital in France was among those who pioneered the development of Sofosbuvir. He said that although the drug didn’t show any amazing results at first, thanks to farther research Sofosbuvir is one of the most promising medications for Hepatitis C now. Indeed, many medical experts believe that the potential of this drug is not exhausted at all. It requires additional research, but the drug stands a chance to become the ultimate weapon against Hepatitis C in the future.