Allergic to chicken?

There are many individuals all over the world who are allergic to raw or cooked chicken meat – in some cases also to chicken feathers. Some individuals who are allergic to chicken are also allergic to their eggs. Chicken allergy should not be considered assumed since it’s a real condition that can lead to a medical emergency referred to as anaphylaxis.

Unless you are allergic to chicken, including high protein and low-fat chicken meat in your diet can have beneficial effects on your health. Although chicken allergy is not common, if it occurs it can cause severe symptoms. If you have an allergy to a substance, your body immune system identifies the allergen as a dangerous substance.

Chicken allergy can affect you at any age. You can be allergic to chicken at an early age then the condition fades away as you grow; you can also develop chicken allergy in your late years after living without this condition for many years.

If you suspect that you might have a chicken allergy, you should visit a doctor for a checkup. A doctor will carry out some tests for chicken allergy among other allergens to come up with a concrete conclusion. Knowing the types of allergies you have will help you to protect your health.

Symptoms of chicken allergy

The common symptoms associated with chicken allergy include:chicken

– Itching skin

– Breathing problems and sneezing

– Swollen, itching and watery eyes

– Irritation/rash on the skin

– Vomiting and diarrhea

– Nausea and stomach cramps

– Anaphylaxis.

The symptoms can be mild or severe, but it depends on how sensitive your immune system is. However, the symptoms should lessen once you are no longer exposed to a chicken.

In some cases, chicken allergy is mistaken for cold since they both may have similar symptoms such as running nose and sore throat. Chicken allergy can lead to gastrointestinal distress to your body as it tries to get rid of the allergen from the system.

In a case of severe complications such as anaphylaxis which calls for immediate medical attention you may experience the following symptoms:

– Swollen lips and tongue

– Accelerated heartbeat

– Trouble in breathing

– Drop in blood pressure

– Wheezing

– Unconsciousness.

If you have chicken allergy, you will have to avoid any chicken products in your meals. Chicken is common in many dishes available in restaurants and parties, thus you should make sure that any meal such as meatloaf or meatball you consume is chicken free. To keep on having a healthy diet you should consider consuming other high protein foods such as beans, fish, or beef instead of chicken.