Addyi Reviews

“I used to dread having sex, which was really bringing my self-esteem down, so I jumped at the opportunity of trying Addyi as soon as it appeared on the market. And I’m glad I did because now I get the warm and fuzzies instead of vicious nerves when it comes to having sex.”



alo“I have no doubts that Addyi works, but I have to admit I almost gave up on trying it because you literally have to jump through all kinds of hurdles to get a prescription, let alone have it covered by insurance. This is quire unfair. I understand that they have to perform physical tests, but no one asks men to visit shrinks before getting Viagra. The drug is awesome, but the process of getting it can be really discouraging.”



“This drug turned out a lifesaver even though it’s sex life I’m talking about. I went from tame, flavorless sex to wake-the-neighbors excitement thanks to Addyi. It really works.”



“My lack of sexual desire always created a barrier between me and men, and kept me from having relationships. That all changed when my doctor prescribed me Addyi. I’ve been with my boyfriend for two months now, and we have a great relationship which includes a top notch sex life.”



“I honestly got a bit scared the first day I took Addyi because I got quite dizzy and weak. I was absolutely fine the next day though so I tried it again and the real effects started to slowly trickle in. I’ve been on the medication for a few weeks and I’ve been having sex regularly. I haven’t noticed any other side effects after that first day. As to the positive effects, I’ve started to get wet much quicker and easier. Also, I can now have an orgasm approximately 3 out of 5 times that I have sex.”



“For a long time, sex for me was just something you have to go through. When I was at my early 20s, I always envied the ease with which my friends engaged in sexual activities, but now I don’t have to anymore. Since I’ve been taking Addyi I get the good kind of butterflies when I am about to have sex with my boyfriend. Moreover, I’ve even started to initiated sexual encounters myself.”



“I’m so glad we already have a drug for female sexual disorders. Before Addyi, my boyfriend almost had to beg me to have sex. Now I am the one initiating contact and he swears he can barely keep up.”



“I don’t doubt that Addyi works for many women, but you should be aware that it might not cater to your problem in particular. I’m a woman in my late 40s. The common menopausal symptoms started a few a years ago. Not that they bother me too much, but my sex life decline a bit. My husband is quite sexually active, so trying to keep up with him, I decided to take Addyi as an experiment. I’ve taken 3 pills so far and the effects were so mild that I think it might be just my imagination at all. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the right treatment for me personally.”



“I’d say to go for it if you have any problems of sexual nature. I’m not menopausal – far from that – but the drug still rocked my world. Some of the orgasms I get now are so powerful that I can’t help yelling like crazy.”



“More or less, I’ve struggled with sexual problems most of my adult life, and I must say that taking Addyi has really made a difference. I now enjoy being touched and stimulated, and I even have the will and confidence to initiate the act myself, which never happened before. I’m a whole different woman now.”