5 Foods That Are Effective in Lowering Blood Pressure

Close to 75 million adults in the USA have high blood pressure, and this is according to reliable statistics from the CDC. The saddest thing about this is that only half of people with this serious medical condition have it under control.

It is a fact that some foods are useful in reducing blood pressure. Most people might know it because they tend to concentrate on avoiding certain foods when dealing with this condition. Below are five foods that anyone who wants to lower their blood pressure should consume.

celery-for-high-blood-pressure#1 Celery

Celery is the number one food when it comes to reducing blood pressure, and everybody from doctors to alternative medicine experts will recommend it. In addition to having a high water content, it is also rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and other essential chemicals that help keep your circulatory system in good health. This food is also rich in iron and vitamins, and it has anti-inflammatory properties which are vital for lowering blood pressure.

#2 Blueberries and Strawberries

Blueberries and strawberries have some natural compounds that have been proven to protect humans against hypertension. An American study featuring more than 150,000 adult men and women participants concludes that there is a significant decrease in blood pressure after consuming at least half a cup (standard size cup) of these berries daily for some time.

#3 Watermelon

Scientists at Florida State University have been doing studies on the effects of watermelon consumption on hypertension for many years. One of their recent publications on this research shows that watermelons can be effective in lowering blood pressure. According to the group of scientists, the fruit is rich in amino acid and potassium which work together to reduce blood pressure.

#4 Non-Fat Yogurt

Research findings presented on the 2012 session of the High Blood Pressure Research that the American Heart Association hosts annually found that individuals who consumed non-fat yogurt had a 31% decrease in the probability of developing hypertension. However, note that yogurt with regular fat content failed to show the similar effect.

#5 Bananas

A couple of bananas every day might be all you need to reduce your visits to the cardiologist. The fact that bananas are among the richest sources of potassium is the reason behind this. A report on the Harvard Health Publications concludes that consuming anything between 1 to 2 bananas a day can decrease high blood pressure.