4 Protein Mistakes and how to Turn them in your Favor

Like most food groups, protein is largely misunderstood, especially by amateur bodybuilders and those who are just starting out in the world of fitness. A lot of people eat protein-rich foods based on what they read, hear or are told by friends and associates, which is unfortunately not the best thing to do, as there are a lot of myths related to protein, which may lead them to make mistakes that end up ruining their diets.

Today we’re talking about protein mistakes and how to use food to your advantage instead of making it work against you.

Protein isn’t all the same

Almost each and every food has a percentage of protein in its composition, but not all of them have the right kind. Animal-based protein is packed with amino acids, which is what your body needs in order to build muscles and support cell growth. This is not always true for plant-based protein, which may not even be fully absorbed by your body due to the high fiber content of vegetables and such. You need to either include some animal-based protein in your diet or choose your plant-based protein carefully to get good results.man-sticking-knife-through-meat-245px

Protein keeps you lean

Protein is associated with satiety, or the feeling that your stomach is full, but the truth is, while it may prevent you from eating outside of your meals, it can also work against you. To make it actually work in your favor, you will need to reduce the portions of other foods to make room for more protein, instead of just adding an extra serving of meat or eggs to your plate.

No need for protein shakes

Guys — and probably some girls too — who think they need huge protein shakes right after a workout have probably watched too many movies or are overestimating their workouts. While a professional, competitive bodybuilder or weightlifter might need to consume protein every few hours, the rest of us don’t. Have a bottle of water after your workout and your next meal or snack will take care of your protein needs.

Protein alone doesn’t make muscles

A lot of people would love to hear that simply having a shake or steak would magically help them gain muscle mass and strength, but while protein is in fact indispensable for building muscles, things just don’t work that way and protein alone won’t give you bulging biceps. In reality, you will have to work your body hard in order to build those muscles, especially in the later stages of your life, when they literally just waste away. Remember that excessive protein that is not used by the body tends to turn into fat.