3 Microelements Essential for Your Body

Basically, micro-nutrient deficiency or dietary deficiency is lack of the adequate microelements needed for health. The reduced level of any of the minerals necessary for human health can impair major functions in the body dependent on that mineral. Below is some helpful information on three essential microelements and their causes in case they are deficit in your body.


Insufficient intake of calcium often leads to osteoporosis. This is a disease that weakens your bones making them more likely to break. Taking a diet that is low in calcium causes the body to extract calcium from the bones; as a result, the bones weaken. Ultimately, calcium deficiency in the body results to osteoporosis and thin, weak bones liable to breakage.


There are quite many health complications that result from poor levels of zinc in the body:

Micronesia – This is a disorder that affects the development of parts of the face like the ears, mouth, and mandible. In severe cases individuals who suffer from this disease have difficulty in breathing. Zinc deficiency in the body is one of the factors that cause micronesia. Eating a diet with zinc is a way of preventing this ailment.

Low immunity – Zinc is one of the nutrients that help our immune system. For example, zinc lozenges are popular for helping the immune system fight off colds, sore throats as well as recover from surgery and injuries.

Blood circulation problems – Zinc helps regulate the blood sugar level. For example, people who have hypoglycemia have a problem with blood circulation. They also often have high blood pressure, cold feet and hands.

Hair loss – Zinc deficiency affects the skin and stimulates impoverished growth of human hair. In fact, zinc is one of the best nutrients that can help with hair loss problems. While genetics does play a role in hair loss, nutritional deficiency in the diet is another major cause. Zinc helps your body by increasing the protein needed for health of your hair.

Impaired intelligence – Zinc deficiency, especially in minors, can bring about many types of brain diseases and mental problems. The limbic system has to have a sufficient level of zinc to prevent disorders related to brain functions.


Iodine is the main cause of thyroid problems. You can get sick from consuming too much or too little iodine. Without enough iodine, the thyroid continuously enlarges (forms a goiter) as it tries to keep up with demand for thyroid hormone production. On the other hand, excessive intake of iodine can cause or worsen thyroid nodules.

Simply put, a thyroid nodule is a lump that develops within the thyroid gland and is mostly non- cancerous and often forms at the edge of the thyroid. These nodules often go undetected and cause no symptoms. In most cases, thyroid nodules are detected when a person is examined during a routine medical exam.

Some common sources of these nutrients include:

Zinc: fish, foods with yeast, egg yolks, and wheat germ.

Calcium: milk, yogurt, leafy greens, seafood, and cheese.

Iodine: sea salt, saltwater fish, cranberries, organic yogurt, organic navy beans, and strawberries.