VIAGRA® – First ED Treatment

brand-viagra Viagra is a household name already after numerous ads on TV calling men to ‘take action’. Indeed, why not to follow this advice when erection issues are concerned. But while Viagra name may sound familiar, sildenafil citrate seems unknown. The truth is there wouldn’t have been Viagra without it, since sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient responsible for beneficial effect of these blue pills.

Nowadays sildenafil is an affordable substitution of Generic Viagra that provides more powerful and faster result. After taking it a man regains the ability to sustain solid and persistent erection that can be easily restored after sexual intercourse; a man can be in prolonged intimate contact with a loved one at the same time without experiencing constant unwanted sexual excitement.

What’s the price of pleasure?

The price for generic sildenafil may vary depending on the pharmacy and pill’s dosage. An average price per Viagra brand pill is $4.5. It may be cheaper per pill if you buy larger packs but it can hit the pocket greatly. At the same time the price for sildenafil (generic viagra) is normally 25% lower than for the brand medication. It also varies depending on a place you buy: in a local drugstore it may cost more while in online pharmacy the price is normally lower.

Where to buy sildenafil?

sildenafilWe’ve already mentioned two ways how you can buy sildenafil. The first and traditional one is to visit a nearby pharmacy. It has some pros and cons. The benefit of it is quickness – “you see, you pay, you buy”, though you have to spend some time on walking around. The drawback of it is the lack of competition, thus you have to pay higher price for that. It’s doubtful you’ll go around in a search of the several drugstores to compare prices. Most likely people buy drugs in a pharmacy that is one the way home/work or the nearest to their house.

The second way that is more popular these days is to buy sildenafil via the internet. The medication is just a mouse click away from a man and comparing prices is a very quick routine. Online drug stores usually offer fast delivery and some bonus programs like a free pill with a first purchase or a discount on the next one.

Special aspects and efficiency

One of the topical questions about ED pills is their interaction with alcohol. Though there are no proofs of their negative impact, it still doesn’t recommended to expose your body to unnecessary risk. If it’s your first experience of taking sildenafil citrate, review of other men sharing their sildenafil therapy experience may be very useful. You can find them on various men’s forums or right on online pharmacies offering erectile dysfunction medications. Also it’s desirable that you visit a doctor who can provide you with more effective assistance on how to take sildenafil.

Instructions for taking generic viagra

In order to get the exact effect that you expect, you should be aware of some peculiarities of how to take it. A pill with a specified dosage should be taken about an hour before sexual intercourse and should be abundantly washed down with water. Since the medication includes sildenafil citrate, you have to read the instruction carefully to know the nuances about interaction of sildenafil with other medications. This drug may cause some side effect, so it’s better to be aware of all of them prior you start taking the pills.