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Swift, Repeated Walks Might Slow Alzheimer’s Progression

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People suffering from early Alzheimer’s disease can benefit from swift, repeated walks, a new randomized controlled trial shows. As the interest for therapeutic effects of physical exercise for people with Alzheimer’s disease keeps growing, a recent study published this February shows that aerobic exercise for those with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease can produce gains in functional ability. Read More →

How to Buy the Right Running Shoes

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Whether you are a professional Olympic athlete, practicing for a once in a lifetime marathon or you just like running to keep fit, having the right shoes makes all the difference. As a runner, buying running shoes is one of your most important investments because you will spend a lot of time wearing them. And this means that you need something comfortable and safe for your feet. Read More →

Top 4 Diseases Associated with Physical Inactivity

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Recent studies indicate that people who work out regularly are at a lower risk of suffering from certain disorders such as chronic diseases when compared to those who are inactive. In 2008, there were 57 million deaths worldwide, and more than 5.3 million of these were as a result of physical inactivity. Read More →

Regular Exercise is the Key to Faster Recovery for Seniors

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Everyone knows that exercise is one of the keys to good health, but it has been recently discovered that it has other benefits as well for seniors. Elderly people who exercise on a regular basis are not only healthier in general, but they are also more likely to recover faster if they get sick. On top of that, seniors who exercise on a regular basis are also less likely to suffer severe injuries from an accident than seniors who get little or no exercise at all. Read More →

Common Myths about Fitness and Exercise

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Having a well shaped body is considered by many to be the most important asset of a person’s overall appearance. There are countless articles and videos numbering tips, tricks and methods to either lose weight fast or maintain our body at its best. Unfortunately, many of them are false. And even though doing an exercise the wrong way not necessarily will have any negative effects Read More →

4 Protein Mistakes and how to Turn them in your Favor

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Like most food groups, protein is largely misunderstood, especially by amateur bodybuilders and those who are just starting out in the world of fitness. A lot of people eat protein-rich foods based on what they read, hear or are told by friends and associates, which is unfortunately not the best thing to do, as there are a lot of myths related to protein, which may lead them to make mistakes that end up ruining their diets. Read More →

Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

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If you have tried and failed to lose weight, this despite exposing yourself to intense exercise regiments and undertaking torturous dieting schemes, do not be too quick to blame genetics.

There are right ways to lose weight and wrong ways. Read More →


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Bodybuilding is one strong commitment. It takes a lot of effort and dedication. It requires you to abide by a definite diet and a definite workout schedule. It requires you to work on various parts of your body to ensure smooth and perfectly distributed bodybuilding. Read More →