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Simple but Effective Remedies for Facial Pimples, Acne, and Blemishes

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Many acne sufferers pile dozens of chemical creams and oral treatments in their cabinets to ward off the prospect of living with blemishes caused by stubborn acne problems. However, there are very few effective acne cures that contemporary pharmaceutical industry can offer. Instead of trying virtually every new treatment for pimples and acne, it’s prudent to know a few tested and proven therapies that help you deal with acne. Read More →

Do You Use Sunscreen Properly?

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Sunscreen is a necessary component of daily life for those who live in places with a warm climate or go on holidays to sunny resorts. It is essential for anyone who not only cares for the health of their skin but also tries to minimize the risk of skin cancer. However, despite the importance of sunscreen and its relative prominence the world over, very few people actually understand it or even know how to correctly apply it. Read More →

Sun Exposure: Risks and Benefits

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To a greater or lesser extent, most people are subjected to sunlight, along with its positive and negative effects. However, as the warmer weather approaches – or as these people prepare for an exotic tropical holiday – sun exposure becomes a concern. Read More →