Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

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If you have tried and failed to lose weight, this despite exposing yourself to intense exercise regiments and undertaking torturous dieting schemes, do not be too quick to blame genetics.

There are right ways to lose weight and wrong ways. Read More →

Understanding the Nature of Stomach Flu

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Taking home-made remedies is a good strategy when dealing with symptoms that come with stomach flu, medics advise.

Stomach flu is a common viral disease that constantly makes many people seek treatment. Going by the latest reports, cases of this stomach infection and visits to the medical centre or hospital have been on the rise. Read More →

Many Europeans still Using Antibiotics to Treat Viruses, Colds and Flu

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Despite the rising campaigns against the use of antibiotics to kill viruses that cause a cold, flu and other related diseases, many people in Europe are still using antibiotics, latest report suggests.

Antibiotics were the main form of treating ailments such as colds and flu which are caused by a virus. In fact, these treatments were prescribed by most physicians to deal with both mild and chronic cases, while some patients bought the drugs over the counter without a prescription. Read More →

Using 3D Technology to Improve Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

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Scientists and doctors are focusing on 3D technology so as to make it easy to diagnose and treat complicated conditions. This was evident in a procedure that involved removing a tumor from the kidney.

3D technology is normally associated with architecture, engineering, automotive, crafts and other industries. However, this may soon change following a successful operation that helped deal with a complicated case of kidney tumor. Read More →

Psychiatric Disorders Tied to Workaholism

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In a Norwegian study at the University of Bergen, they tested 16,426 adults for traits of psychological disorders related to their level of workaholism. All of those who were considered workaholics scored higher on psychiatric symptoms. The top four psychiatric disorders prevalent among workaholics were Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety, and depression. Read More →

Do You Use Sunscreen Properly?

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Sunscreen is a necessary component of daily life for those who live in places with a warm climate or go on holidays to sunny resorts. It is essential for anyone who not only cares for the health of their skin but also tries to minimize the risk of skin cancer. However, despite the importance of sunscreen and its relative prominence the world over, very few people actually understand it or even know how to correctly apply it. Read More →

Sun Exposure: Risks and Benefits

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To a greater or lesser extent, most people are subjected to sunlight, along with its positive and negative effects. However, as the warmer weather approaches – or as these people prepare for an exotic tropical holiday – sun exposure becomes a concern. Read More →