Can You Overdose on Fiber?

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Fiber is supposed to be good for the human body. It makes individuals feel satisfied longer, regulates the digestive system, keeps cholesterol levels in the healthy zone and helps lose weight. However, it seems that it is actually possible to consume too much fiber, which obviously has adverse effects. Read More →

Tomato Rich Diet May Help Prevent Skin Cancer

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The most common cancer in the world continues to be on the rise, and new preventive measures are needed to face the increasing challenge. An interesting line of research currently explores the role of food, or more specifically natural compounds found in food, in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Read More →

Medical Marijuana May Help Ease Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is a common disease that causes one to have seizures. An epileptic seizure is a disturbance in electrical activity in the brain. Not all seizures, though, are due to epilepsy, and patients are usually not diagnosed until they experienced their first or second epileptic seizure. This disease can show up in many ways and have many different effects on the body. Read More →